An integrated all-inclusive health engagement platform

INTUITIVE. Designed for smartphones and working seamlessly on all formats, Santovia is user friendly and fully integrated with EHRs.

TAILORED KNOWLEDGE. High quality educational content, using language patients understand. Strengthening the patient-physician relationship, Santovia supports joint ownership of medical decisions. Embedding proven methodologies, Santovia can help you improve patient satisfaction by covering the basics so visit time is freed up for high-level patient-physician communication.

FEEDBACK AND INSIGHTS. Santovia provides valuable insights to physicians, management, and administrators through smart surveys so you can better understand patients’ needs and preferences.

ACCREDITATION. Santovia includes tools to help you attain Meaningful Use. Its shared decision making capability has helped hospitals and medical groups set new standards and achieve independent accreditation.

The Partner to trust

“Santovia gives you rapid feedback and instant notifications so you can fix problems and stay ahead of surveys such as CAHPS”

The Background

What was once a simple interaction between physician and patient is now complicated by regulations and complex paperwork

Healthcare reform creates incentives for shared decision making but there is no current roadmap for success.

More and more showing proof that organisations have integrated shared decision making and patient engagement into their workflow is required for multiple accreditations.

People want to be empowered to have control over their own health An overflow of information about health online makes it difficult for patients to know which source to trust Studies have quoted that up to 30% of online health related content is not accurate.

Interests in the healthcare system are now aligned, and it’s the moment to build stronger engagement.

Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the preferred device for accessing the internet. Users now demand simple online interfaces that are mobile ready and easily accessed.

Technology creates opportunities for greater clarity and stronger relationships between physicians and patients.

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Our partners

Our core benefts


who want to educate, inform, and involve patients in decision making. Intuitive and easy.


that want to retain and attract more patients, improve patient experience, and deliver more efficient care.


who want to take control of their medical conditions, recover faster, and make better decisions.


Designed specifically for smartphones, Santovia provides a combination of high quality patient education and feedback tools.


Santovia enables joint ownership of medical decisions by the physician and the patient, strengthening the relationship and leading to improved satisfaction.


Santovia offers new, smart ways of engaging between physicians and patients through cutting-edge technology.


Valuable insights for physicians, managers, administrators and support staff providing, a better understanding of patients’ needs and preferences.

Our technology

Our technology tackles major issues facing healthcare users and professionals today. Through education and targeted surveys it facilitates shared decision making and better recovery for patients, helps physicians understand how to improve patient experience, and assists employees to return to work.


  • Intuitively delivers patient education content
  • Explains available treatment options
  • Integrates surveys and rapid patient feedback
  • Helps attract and retain patients
  • Frees up quality visit time

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